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“Be Bold. Be Courageous. Have Faith. Be Inspired!"

Let me ask!

Are you looking to take your life and business to the next level? My name is Samira Jones, and I help aspiring and beginning entrepreneurs bring those visions to life with my programs, workshops, and live retreats. It’s so much better when you have others on the same journey as you who understand the necessary mindset, ACTION, and focus it takes to first, be BOLD enough to put yourself out there in the world, but also who understand the consistency that is required to stay there. Well that is where I come in. To find out more on how I can serve you, check out my programs !

I’m Glad You’re Here

Like all of us, I have a story, and it was my story after story that eventually landed me here in this space to serve thousands of women as an Author, Speaker, and Life and Business Strategist

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“Tough Skin” A Journey of Survival and Persevering Life’s Challenges.

What inspired me to write my book and share my story is that there are many women suffering in silence because they do not know how to recover. There are women suffering in silence because they do not know how to forgive. There are women suffering because they do not know where to being to live their best lives!” Read more of my Huffington Post interview.

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Hello Beautiful!

Are you stuck in a rut of not moving forward it seems because life is full of chaos, clutter, and unwanted distractions?

If this is you...

Sign up for my FREE 14 day Challenge that will help you get organized in preparation of living your life!

In this Game Changer Life Challenge , I share with you practical tips that will establish a system that you can use now and forever!


- Samira Jones