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Why Not You?

It wasn’t until I asked myself the same question, “Why not me”, that I realized that anything I desired was available. All I needed, was the proper mindset, support system, and willingness to show up and do the work.

- Samira Jones


A Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Business Strategist, I provide global personal and business performance coaching and training programs in self-development, and entrepreneurship for businesses that desire to leverage their visibility and positioning in the marketplace.

I hold a Masters Degree in Business Administration as well as a Masters Degree in Information Technology, Information Assurance. As a speaker I speak globally primarily to women entrepreneurs on ways to master mindset and profitability on their unique business journeys.

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Get Courageous Today

Why I may be the perfect coach for you?

I am passionate about helping people discover their purpose and turn that into profitable revenue in their business. I know what it felt like to be in corporate America sitting at a desk in an unfulfilling position, knowing deep inside that there has to be more.

When I discovered my gift was inspiring others to take action and dismiss their excuses, I realized that I was onto something much bigger than me. Today, because of being obedient to that calling, I no longer work for someone else who dictates my value, time, and dollar.

This all means that, I’ve been there. You want to work with someone who has paved the path before you and is a tested guide to your success. This means that they have had the trial and error for you. They know not only what success feels like, but also the failures that got them there.

It feels simply amazing to now own my own time and be able to spend more of it with my children, travel, and even manage a client profile that offers flexibility.

Often times in life, the storm is required in order to receive the blessing.

“Tough Skin" is a book about my journey where I start by sharing a deep and dark abusive past from my childhood. In this book you will learn how through the years I persevered through my faith in God, myself, and the community of people who surrounded me with support.

For a while life forward had become what I dreamed for. I was living the American Dream, being able to go to college, get three degrees, have a family, build a beautiful home.Then after nearly 10 years in my marriage, my world shattered once again, in a spiraling story of betrayal and deception.

Through all of the adversity, I managed to bounce back and in this book I share with you how.

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