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“Tough Skin” A Journey of Survival and Persevering Life’s Challenges.

Life Enrichment Design


The Life Enrichment Program is a 90-day boot-camp that sets the preparation you need to dominate in your life and business. If you need strategy on how to focus, make life changing habits that produce favorable results, this program is for you.


Business Design Essentials


This 12-month course is an accelerated business education program that teaches you everything from how to find your ideal client to getting corporate sponsorships and pitching to the media. Each module is 5 weeks of live Instructor led teaching and calls. What you will learn:

  • Understanding Your Ideal Client
  • Creating and Packaging Your Product and Services
  • How to Create an Evergreen Revenue Model. Your 7-Figure Revenue Generating Infrastructure
  • Automating Systems in Your Business
  • Financial Operations
  • Discover and Develop Your Selling Style
  • Copywriting
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Social Media to Grow Your Business
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • The Perfect Pitch

Tell Your Story


Finally become a published Author! Have your story released to the world in as little as 90-days if you are hard core, or in 6-months which is average. We provide book cover, transcription, editing, and printing set-up services. You will also receive and register your ISBN number and barcode.

Be on the way to having your book on Amazon and other major online retailers!