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Getting your audiences talking, and acting, on what they learn.

1. Are you playing small.

As a graduate if you’re not working or having your skills utilized in a job that makes you feel challenged it knocks your confidence down and you begin to lose confidence in your capabilities.

And then you gradually lose trust in yourself.

After I graduated and still continued to work for years in a work environment that did not challenge me mentally I began to doubt myself and so I kept my head down, stopped voicing my opinions and didn’t ask for challenges. I continued to pretend that I knew very little so as to fit into that environment, and not intimidate my boss and colleagues. I played small so eventually I became ‘small’.

Let me tell you what happens when you play small. People stop seeing you. They stop asking you for important opinions, you get talked over and looked over and no-one offers you anything challenging anymore.

Can you resonate with this? Are you going to continue playing small in a low paid low skilled job or are you ready to reach across your comfort zone for a career that you actually deserve?

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