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Samira is an Award Winning International Speaker who speaks on stages around the globe inspiring women to break the barrier of excuses, live their best lives, and launch their most passionate dreams.

As an award recipient of the “Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All” award in New Delhi, India’s WomenEconomic Forum, Samira is an inspiration to women world-wide, sharing her story of perseverance, and the ability to achieve success by beating the odds through the power of belief. Samira’s gift is to ignite your passion, while still in pursuit of her own. Samira is currently aspiring to build a global technology organization that promotes women in the Tech industry, providing them career opportunities in both the private and government sectors. Holdinga Masters in Business as well as a Masters in Information Technology-Information Assurance, Samira is able to identify the gap and disparity when it relates to women in Tech and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers.

To date she has had several talks to include subject matters around both life and business.

Life Enrichment

How to Find Power When Powerless: Get UP and Shake it Off

Life undoubtedly happens to us all. It is how we respond that either empowers or defeats us. This is called the power of belief. In this popular talk, Samira delivers Fire! She shows her audience how to be victorious instead of victims as she shares her story of abandonment. It takes true power to rise to the occasion and get your bounce back!

Self-Care- Not an Option it’s a Necessity

Often times because of our daily routines, caring for others, and everything else that comes with the role of mother, wife, child, employee, employer, whatever it may be, we sometimes lose the conscience thought of taking care of ourselves first. We cannot pour from an empty cup, which is why taking care of ourselves is in fact a prerequisite of caring for others.

Entrepreneurial Enrichment

Entrepreneurship is no easy feat. Once the decision is made to step out there and share your gifts and talents with the world, the real courage begins. It takes more than a vision to win and become a successful and sustainable business. Samira not only motivates you to go after your dreams, but also gives actionable steps that you can implement today to help make that journey just a little easier. You will learn about the importance of your everyday mindset, organization, and systems.

Corporate – Women in Tech

It comes as no surprise that the tech industry is predominately operated by male population. With more and more women pursuing careers in STEM, those statistics are changing. Women are becoming the face of executive level positions in these corporations.

Corporate – Cohesiveness in a Teamworking Environment

Learn how to build productive teams with team building solutions that will encourage a fluid work environment for all.

Samira Jones' Media Kit