Today I consider myself a serial entrepreneur, running a growing business coaching program, starting a non-profit for sex abuse victims, as well as developing my very own clothing line for tall chics such as myself who is 5'10, and 6'0 if you catch me in heels!

Each of these endeavors are all directly related to problems that I was once affected by and wanted to solve. You see, life had to happen to me before I later realized that my calling was to take those moments, turn them around, and make them resources for others.

A little back story…Having obtained a Masters in IT Information Assurance, as well as a Masters in Business Administration, life was comfortable for me and my family. At the time I was married, had a beautiful home, beautiful neighborhood on the golf course, and all that we dream of becoming as little girls.

However, 1 month shy of 10 years married, I was divorced, feeling tension in the workplace, and finding myself experiencing an uncomfortable season. Some of you reading this may know what I am talking about. I had just published my first book, “Tough Skin, A Journey of Survival and Persevering Life’s Challenges”, which tells the story of being abused sexually, mentally, and physically at home, abandonment at age 13, the marriage, betrayal, and divorce. 

Then one day, the AH HA hit me. It hit me that things were getting ready to shift, a new season was on the horizon. This uncomfortable season had purpose. God removed me from my comfy career that was holding me back from serving others, and here I am today.

I help individuals and small business owners go from stuck to clarity and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Today my PASSION wakes me in the morning, and I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding life or career. The life I live today allows me to spend more time with my children, and truly be me. 

If you desire owning your own time, deciding when and how long you’d like to vacation, who you want to work with, and how your retirement years will look like, take a look at how you can work with me.

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