"Do This, Then This, Then That..."

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Are you a procrastinator, need a jump start to get you going, encouragement to push you through? well, maximize your time and RESULTS with this step by step guide on how to achieve your goals!  These proven strategies have work for my clients and my clients' clients, as they will for you, long as you show up and do the work.


"Tough Skin"

"Tough Skin" A Journey of Survival and Persevering Life's...


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"Often times, the storm is required in order to recedive the blessing."- Samira L. Jones

This is my story. It took having to endure the pain of being abandoned after years of sexual assault at home, and later a failed marriage for me to realize that those things were necessary for me to be able to have the ministry that I do today. Today I get to save lives by telling my story from a place of being the  VICTOR and not the victim.


The Game Changer Life

"Game Changer Life: The Anthology"


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This book tells the short stories of extraordinary men and women who have taken their defining Game Changing moments and allowed those moments to shift them towards their greater selves. Forwarded by, Story Success Coach, Actress, and Speaker Kim Coles, this book is a MUST-READ if you want to be inspired by others' stories and encouraged to keep marching to the beat through your own.

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